Struggling to grow your business?
Feeling stuck?
Shelves filled with self-improvement books?
Spread too thin?
Working your butt off for crap results?
Or, Heaven Forbid... you’re thinking of getting a J.O.B. to make end meet??
You have lost sight on what makes you awesome, and what you need for your business to succeed. Many business owners are not spending enough time in their Zone of Genius... and their business is suffering.

Before you take another “success training”, before you hire another coach, before you sign up for another course... Discover how you are uniquely designed for success.

There is too much information out there about how to achieve success, and not enough direction on how each person is uniquely designed to be successful. That’s why I love sharing Human Design with business owners.

Discover your Genius, Embrace Your Superpowers, Live Your Purpose, Find Your Path and Boost Your Profits!


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This is a two-session combination for business owners and career changers who want to understand their unique Human Design Blueprint and leverage it for better business and career results. It covers a number of aspects of your chart so you can make reliable decisions in your business and life with confidence.

You will receive the online Zoom recordings and additional information after the reading.

Online Zoom Calls, 2 x 90 minutes


---- $299 special

DISCOVER YOUR GENIUS - private coaching (3 montHS)

This program digs deep to unciver your natural takent, gifts, core genius, and purpose through self-reflection, self-assessment and self-awareness tools and processes, including Human Design.


Online Zoom Calls

$525/mo ($1575)
or $1400 Pay in Full


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